​The hard working team!

GPP mascot Charlie stays at the front door to welcome everyone who stops by

​Owners Mike Mann & David Wands shown with GPP mascot Charlie

Grace Precision Products is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of their owners.

Started in 2010 following the economic downturn, GPP has thrived due to their innovative and experienced team of owners and employees. 
GPP has 2 diverse business segments.
The first being custom machining.  This takes many forms from working strictly from customer’s drawings to generating the drawings for our customer’s parts.  
The second segment is that of High Pressure component manufacturing.  With a ½ century of high pressure component design and manufacturing experience at our customer’s disposal, we offer a great value for the manufacturing of these components.  The engineering team has designed components for the polyethylene, oil and gas, water jet cutting, food processing, and water blasting industries. With design capabilities in excess of 100,000 psi, GPP can exceed our customer’s requirements.

Michael Mann is one of the owners of GPP and the principal engineer.  He  has design experience at pressures above 100,000 psi  and worked on the ASME section VIII Div 3 code committee where he was a member for 10 years.  Michael  has done extensive triaxial fatigue testing of high pressure valves fittings and tubing and is known by industry leaders as an expert in this area.  He has regularly advised the petrochemical industries concerning high pressure issues world wide.

David Wands, one of the owners, has manufactured High Pressure parts and components for the LDPE industries for the past 35 years  for such companies as Samsung, Hanwa, usi, Dow, Exxon and ICI. His manufacturing experience is unique in the respect that he understands the requirements of manufacturing High Pressure/High Cycle fatigue parts and the requirements  that makes them live in service.

Our Team who makes all of this possible

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